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Train Songs (essay)

The breakfast rush was hitting its peak when we learned about the dead woman lying not far from Table Four.

Indicia  (flash essay)

Ordering the coroner’s report took a great deal more research and persistence than I thought I was capable of. For instance, after looking up the phone number on the Internet, I became so light-headed that I had to rest for several months before dialing it.

Le Musée de l'Arte Brut  (flash essay)

Some embroidered texts. Some embroidered protective spells, numbers, talismans, on tapestries ranging in size from postage stamp to picture window. Some concealed objects by wrapping them with wire, string, cord—anything they could find.

VIVA!  (short story)

Because I'm used to telling him everything, I whisper aloud the things I find on the Internet. Things like, "A wound to the carotid artery results in a loss of consciousness in under a minute," and, "They burn the organs they remove during autopsy, unless the family wants them put back in for religious reasons." When he startles, his glacier eyes wild with panic, I stroke his head. "Sssh," I whisper, "it’s me," as if that should comfort him.

Open Mic  (flash essay)

This really happened, this part. It all happened, but this is the kind of thing you can’t make up: 



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